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Did A Family Member With An Addiction Break Into Your Home? Tips For You

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If you have a family member that is suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, they may have spiraled to the point where they attempted to break into your home or successfully did so to try to get money or items to sell to feed their addiction. While you likely do not want to press charges against your family member for the mere fact that they are your family, you still will need to take steps to protect yourself and your home until your family member gets the addiction help and treatment that they need. In order to be sure that you are protected, get to know some of these steps that you can and should take to add a level of protection to your life. Then, you can rest easy knowing that your loved one with an addiction will not be able to enter your home unless they have been invited.

Get Locksmith Services to Help You Re-Key or Change Your Locks

The first step that you will want to take is to contact a locksmith, such as Locksmith  Services. Whether you actually gave your loved one a key to your home or not, they may know where your current spare key is kept. This makes it possible for them to make copies of that key and use it whenever they want. They may also have simply broken into your locked doors because the locks are old or loose.

As such, you need to seek out locksmith services as soon as possible. If your locks are in good shape but you have a spare key floating around, you may be able to simply have the locksmith re-key the locks to your home. This process allows you to not have to replace your locks entirely but will render your current keys unusable in the locks. The locksmith will change the sequence in the chamber and cut new keys based on those changes.

On the other hand, if your locks are weak or broken, you may need to completely change the locks on your doors. It may also be beneficial to add deadbolts to your doors whether you choose to change or re-key your locks.

Get a Security System Installed

In addition to changing the locks, you should also get a security system installed. The best thing newer security systems is that you can install what is known as a smart security system. These systems allow you to connect your home alarms as well as the security cameras that you may opt to install to a smart phone, tablet, or computer so that you can monitor them and get alerts any time the system is triggered.

This will add a layer of protection to your home when you are away and will help to give you better control and peace of mind with your home. A security system will also alert the authorities if your family member breaks in again so that you do not lose any more possessions and so that they will be dealt with through the legal system if they did not learn their lesson during the first incident.

With these tips in mind, you can be sure that you are protected from future break-ins by your loved one with an addiction.