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Things To Try When You're Locked Out Of Your Home

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If you're locked out of your house, the easiest solution is to call a locksmith. However, you probably want to get inside by yourself if you can. If you have a fairly new home with security locks, there may not be much you can do. However, if your home is older and still has its original locks and doors, you might find a way inside. Here are some things to try.

Don't Overlook The Obvious

First of all, go around your home and check all the windows and doors to make sure they are all locked tight. If you mistakenly left a window unlocked, you can pry it up from the outside, pop out the screen, and gain entry to your home. Also, it's possible someone left a back or side door unlocked, which would give you immediate access. If none of these options are available, it's time to try getting in through a locked door.

Choose A Suitable Door To Work On

Your front door may not be the best to try to break through. It is probably the strongest door on your home. Consider all your options. There may be an older, weaker lock on a side door or back door. Only attempt to pick the lock if there is no deadbolt on the door. You won't be able to get through a deadbolt, so the front door might be the only one secured by a door lock only if it is the door you exited through.

Also, look for doors with the hinges on the outside. Some older homes were built this way, and it is a major security risk if the original doors are in place. You can pop the pins out of the hinges and open the door on the side opposite the lock. You may be able to push the hinge side open enough to wiggle through, but you also run the risk of damaging the lock if you apply too much force to the door.

Try Picking The Lock

If your door has an older style lock, you might be able to break in by picking it with a thin straight wire such as a straightened bobby pin. Stick the pin in the lock and jiggle it to disengage the lock. Also try sticking the pin in the small hole near the lock if there is one. If you push it in the right place, the lock may pop open. Another thing to try is using a credit card and slide it into the groove of the door so it moves the latch out of the lock plate. While these methods sound simple, you'll probably have to wiggle and push on the door for quite a while before you have success. Plus, there is a good chance you'll never be able to break through the lock if it is the first time you've ever tried. In addition, it's always possible you'll damage the lock and need to call a locksmith anyway to make repairs.

The only good thing about being locked out of your house is that it gives you first hand experience in how easy an intruder can break in. If you have old doors and weak locks, you should consider getting new ones to improve your home's security. If by chance you are able to break in, that should be a warning sign of how easy and intruder can get inside too. Even if you don't need to call an emergency locksmith like Redmond Lock & Key to get inside your home when you're locked out, you should probably call one to update your locks so you're safer. Then keep a spare key in a safe place so you won't get locked out again.