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The Benefits Of Investing In A UL Listed TL-30 Safe

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Do you have important documents, valuables, or intellectual property that you need to keep under extra guard even when it's already inside your house or business? You may want to invest in a safe in order to put certain things into lock up. But before you just purchase any random safe, here's why you might want to look into UL Listed TL-30 safes for extra protection.

TL Means Tool-Resistant

When you see different ratings on safes, the letters TL in the rating stand for "tool-resistant." There will typically then be a hyphen and a number following those letters. The number is the amount of time that the safe can stand up to certain advanced tools that might be used to try and break into the safe. These tools could include grinders, saws, drills, and more.

Tool-Resistant Safes Are a Deterrent

When a burglar breaks into a house or building, they may be looking to grab something of value quickly and get out before the police arrive or anyone notices what's going on. If the thief notices that the safe will be extremely hard to break into, they may simply decide to move on to taking something else within the premises. Keep your most valuable items inside the safe and a burglary might not hurt you as much as it otherwise would.

Tool-Resistant Safes Give Authorities Time to Respond

If a burglar decides they do want to go for what is inside the TL-30 safe, they are essentially entering a race against time. Provided someone has been alerted to their presence and contacted the authorities, the thief will have to try and get the safe open knowing someone is coming to arrest them. The extra time it takes to break into this kind of safe could be the difference in the authorities having enough time to get there and make the arrest.

Protection Against Fire As Well

When a safe has extra thick walls and other features that qualify it for the TL-30 rating, it is typically capable of also standing up to fire. This should provide you with some additional peace of mind. If a fire does break out, you could get out of the building quickly without having to worry about the safe's contents because you know it will stand up to the flames.

Helpful for Insurance Purposes

If you want to carry an insurance policy for certain valuable items, the insurer may include a requirement that you keep the valuable item in a special kind of safe such as one with a TL-30 rating before agreeing to write the policy.

For more information on UL Listed TL-30 safes, contact a professional near you.