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Choosing The Right Deadbolt Lock For Your Home

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One of the most important things you can do to protect your home from intruders is to install a deadbolt lock on all the entrances to your home. If have ever seen a deadbolt lock, you probably understand why. The bolt is inserted into the door frame for added security. What you may not know is that not all deadbolt locks are alike. They come in single, double and hybrid cylinders. Which is right for you depends on your circumstances.

What is a Single Cylinder Deadbolt?

A single cylinder deadbolt lock has a keyhole on the outside and a thumb or turn knob on the inside. This means that in order to unlock the bolt from the outside you will need to use a key. To open it from the inside, you simply turn the thumb lock. This makes exiting the home in an emergency, such as a fire, easy and doesn't require looking for a key. It is ideal for those with children as you can rest assured youngsters are able to get out of the home in a hurry.

It may also be more convenient for the disabled or for those who have difficulty with fine motor skills, as it eliminates the need to manipulate the key into the keyhole. In addition, you never need to hassle with a lost key, saving you time and frustration in an emergency. However, if you have a door with a glass insert or window, an intruder can break the glass and reach into the home to open the lock.

What is a Double Cylinder Deadlock?

A double cylinder deadlock has a keyhole or both sides of the door and always requires a key for releasing the lock. The double cylinder lock offers more security for you home, but may be against code in your location, as they are often considered a fire hazard. While it may be ideal for a garage or storage area, the double cylinder lock may pose a risk to the safety of your family.

What is a Hybrid Deadbolt Lock?

The hybrid deadbolt lock offers the added security of a double cylinder deadlock along with the convenience of a turn knob on the inside of the home. These locks feature a keyhole in the turn lock that can be locked with a key, but can also be operated like a regular turn knob.

This means you can lock the turn knob when everyone is away from home during the day to secure your home against intruders, but can unlock it and use the turn lock when the family is home. The hybrid deadbolt lock offers an alternative for those who seek added security when everyone is at work and school, but who aren't willing to risk the safety of their family.

Tips for Buying and Installing Deadbolt Locks

  • Look for a deadbolt lock with at least a 1-inch throw.This makes prying the door frame open more difficult.
  • Use a security strike plate with screws at least 3-inches long.
  • Use 3-inch screws in the door hinges and replace weak or hollow doors with a solid security door.
  • Consider saw-resistant deadbolts. These have a pin inside the lock that spins when an intruder tries to saw through the bolt.
  • Select a lock with a rating of Grade 1. Locks are rated from Grade 1 to Grade 3, with Grade 1 being the most secure.
  • Consider key control for your deadlock. That you control whether new keys are made of the lock. The key cannot be duplicated by a standard key duplication service. This prevents employee or guest who you give a key to from duplicating it before returning it.

For help choosing the right lock for your doors, talk to your local locksmith. He can offer you tips for choosing the appropriate lock for your doors and install them for you to keep your family safe. 

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