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4 Old Lock Technologies That You Should Upgrade ASAP

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Just because you have a lock on your home or personal belongings does not mean that it is safe. Through shared knowledge and weaknesses in systems, a variety of old locking systems become out of date and easy to break into. By hiring a locksmith, you can have the old lock technology upgraded in your home to ensure additional protection. The following four types of locks should be upgraded as soon as possible to help prevent theft and remove yourself from a vulnerable state. It's easy to take the locks that you have for granted, but with a little knowledge, you can make informed decisions about the locks in your home.

Chain Door Guard

When you want protection in your home, it's common to put up a chain door guard. This prevents people from just opening the door and busting inside. While many of these chains are durable to strength, they can be easily cut through the gap that is left open on the door. Special tools can also be used to manipulate the lock and slide it out of place.

If you still want the extra security while in your home, have a locksmith install a swing bar door guard. With two secure sides of the door lock, the door guard is not vulnerable to easy cutting like a chain. When installed at a proper height away from the door handle, it makes it nearly impossible for someone to break in. The new swing bar door guards can also be purchased in a number of different finishes to match the decor of your home. This includes bronze, silver, and gold.

Pinhole Locks

Older homes may feature room locks that have small pinholes on them. These locks do not even require a key to open and are easily manipulated with thin objects like a paperclip or bobby pin. If there is a room in your home with a lot of valuables, then you will want to upgrade this lock as soon as possible. A locksmith can examine a door to help determine the best type of lock set-up. Often, you can keep the initial lock and then add upgrades like a secure deadbolt above the lock.

If you choose to replace the handle, then you can opt for a lock that requires a key instead. The keys can be kept on your standard key chain and will only give you access to the room as needed.

Front Door Cylinder Locks

Instead of smashing a window or activating security alarms, one of the more common ways for criminals to break into the home is with a process known as lock bumping. A specially shaved key is jammed into the keyhole of old cylinder locks. The force of the bump triggers the cylinders to open and access to your house is available. When you choose to upgrade these locks, you have the ability to prevent the lock bumping.

Newer lock technology features small pins and special hardware that is specifically made to prevent lock bumping. The extra security will make your front door more secure and prevent criminals from coming inside. A locksmith can also install additional deadbolts that add security to the frame of the door. This helps prevent the door from being busted open with force.

Combination Locks

Whether you're locking up a gym locker, a bike, or a small safe, older combination locks do not provide the same security that they used to. Combinations can be figured out and bolt cutters can easily break through the rig of the lock. Upgrade these locks to have more secure combinations. Newer dials allow you to change your combination and run smooth enough to prevent anyone from hearing the clicks associated with a standard lock.

The locking portion of these locks can also be protected with a steel guard. The guard is placed at just the right height to prevent  bolt cutters from accessing the lock.

Not only can a locksmith install the new locks, but they usually have all the products to offer you. This way, you can rely on the professional opinion when choosing new locks for the home.