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Basic Tips On Adjusting Your Steel Entryway Doors

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Steel entryway doors can start to stick and sag, which can make it hard for them to open. This can happen if the screws located in the hinge of the door become loose and prohibits the door from closing properly. Steel doors may also stick as a building ages and start to settle, which can pull the door frame out of place. The tips provided below provides some information on adjusting steel entryway doors.

Door Movement Adjustments

One of the ways to find out what is wrong with your steel door is by checking the hinges on the door to see if they have started to loosen. The first step is to have the door open and look it over to see if the top of of the door looks uneven or out of sync. If the door appears to be uneven, you can check for loose hinges by holding the door's front edge and shake it up and down. The doors should be securely in place with barely any movement, but if you notice that it slides up and down without much effort, it may mean the hinges have loosened. In order to fix the loose hinges, you should retighten the screws in the hinges. This will secure the steel entryway door back in place and prevent it from coming completely disengaged.

If your door still seems to have some loose movement after you have tightened the screws, it's possible that the holes for the hinges have become larger than the screws used. This can be fixed by using a toothpick. The tip of a toothpick can be inserted into the screw hole to take up the extra space, then you should be able to tighten the screw completely.

Door Spacing Adjustments

There may be extra space in your entryway between the door frame and the front edge of your steel door. Also, if you notice extra space that makes the door appear crooked between the top and bottom of the door, there may be spacing issues. Check to see where the biggest gap of space appears between the hinge area and door. The hinge that appears to be pulling away from the door should be repaired.  This is fixed by removing the screws from the hinge and adding a plastic shim behind it before securing it in place again.

When adding the plastic shim, you have to place it on the wall in the exact location where the hinge was removed. While holding the shim in place you can add the hinge on top and secure it in place with the screws.

If you are unsure of all the steps involved with adjusting your steel entryway doors, consider consulting with a contractor. Visit websites like to learn more.