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Common Problems Your Commercial Locks May Encounter

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Lock problems can severely impact the safety of your business's building, your ability to enter the premises and a host of other issues. While there are many different types of problems that your locks may encounter, there are a few that may be more likely than others, and you will need to be familiar with these issues if you are to keep your business safe from this problem:


Metal is one of the main materials used in the creation of locks, and this can put them at a risk of suffering corrosion. As the metal components of the lock rust, they will become increasingly brittle. Eventually, you may find that the internal components of the lock actually break when you attempt to open it with a key. Preventing or repairing corrosion to a lock can be very difficult, and it will often be a more economical and practical option to simply replace the compromised locks.

Lack Of Lubrication

Many people fail to understand the importance of keeping their locks fully lubricated. When the locks are not fully lubricated, they can be prone to becoming damaged by the friction that can be generated when turning the key. At least once a year, you may find it beneficial to add a small amount of lubricant to the lock through the keyhole. This will help to protect the internal components from being damaged as the original lubricant degrades.


Warping is another issue that can impact the internal components of the lock and the exterior ones as well. Whether it is due to years of opening the lock with a key or a strong impact, warping of either the faceplate or the internal components can prevent the lock from working as intended. Depending on the severity of the warping, you will find it increasingly difficult to open the lock. Depending on the severity and extent of this damage, it may be possible to repair it by replacing the warped components, but you will need an experienced locksmith to determine whether this repair is a viable option.

Broken Key

It can be a common problem for keys to break in half with part of it stuck in the lock. This can be a frustrating experience as the key may be just out of your reach. Unfortunately, it can be easy to accidentally damage your lock while trying to remove the key. To have the broken key removed, you should have a locksmith visit your property as they have tools that can gently remove the portion of the key stuck in the lock without causing damage to its sensitive internal components.

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