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Issues That Tell You It's Time For New Locks To Be Installed

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You do not want to make the mistake of waiting until you can no longer get your door locks to work before you think about having them replaced. Therefore, you are going to want to do everything you can to learn about the following signs that it is time to hire a professional for a new lock installation.

You Are Noticing That There Is Rust Starting To Form

Even if you first think that the rust is only on the outside of the locks, it could already be inside of the lock. If it isn't, it is only a matter of time until it is, as it is now obvious that there is a lot of water hitting the lock, as the moisture is what causes the rust to form. You could try to shine a small light in the keyhole to check for rust. Otherwise, you might just want to call in a skilled local locksmith to change out that lock and any others that are exposed to a lot of water.

Your Key Is Getting Stuck In The Lock

First, you might want to see if the problem is actually from the key itself instead of the lock. Use another key for that lock to see if it too is sticking when you are trying to get it in or out of the lock. If it is obviously an issue with the lock, you will need to hire a locksmith to put in a band new one. If you wait too long, you are likely to find that it will start to become harder and harder for you to get the key in and out of the lock. Before you know it, it will not move at all and your key will be stuck in the door. This is a serious problem because then criminals have easy access to the inside of your home until the lock is replaced.

The Lock Can Wiggle

The lock on your doors should never be able to wiggle up and down or back and forth. If it is, then it might be the wrong size for the hole that was already  in the door for locks. It is a risk to leave it like that, as this makes it easy for criminals to break or get the lock off of the door. Have the proper size of lock installed. If the door has been damaged and that is why the lock is loose, you will want a new door, along with a new lock.

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