Keep a Safe Even if You Have a Security System

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Select A Safe And Keep Track Of Items Stored Inside Of It

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if you inherited some diamonds and gold bars from your late relative and are concerned about the valuables being stolen from your apartment or misplaced with other items that you own, purchasing a safe is a wise investment that will protect your items and provide you with peace of mind when you are at work or away from your home for long durations. Use the tips below to help you select a safe and keep track of items that you choose to store inside of it.

Stop By A Security Business

If you have little or no knowledge about safes and features that are included with particular models, it is a good idea to stop by a security business that sells wholesale safes. Ask a staff member to show you some popular models and ask questions about specific safe types, such as what kind of material each safe is constructed of or what type of lock is installed on each model.

Many safes are fire and waterproof. Some safes can be installed inside of a wall or underneath a piece of furniture, so consider these options if you would like the location of your valuables concealed. After purchasing a safe, hire a technician to install the unit in your home.

Place Items In Boxes Or Bags Before Storing Them

Store diamonds and gold bars inside of boxes with lids or cloth drawstring bags before placing valuables inside of the safe. If you inherited diamond pendants or other pieces of jewelry that contain diamonds, purchse a durable jewelry box to store the items in before putting the box inside of the safe. By using these methods, the items that you inherited will not become tangled and you will easily be able to locate a specific piece when desired. 

Place Your Lock's Code In A Secure Location And Prepare A List

After receiving the locking code to your safe, store the combination in a secure location that only you are aware about. The code can be written on a file card and stored inside of a rolodex, or it can be typed and sent as an email to yourself. Prepare a list of the safe's contents and consider insuring the valuables that you inherited. Although it will be unlikely for the items to be stolen from your home, it is still a good idea to insure the pieces just to be certain that you will not encounter a total loss.