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3 Things To Know About Modern Cars & Keys For Your Business Fleet

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Getting an extra copy of your car key made if you lose it may seem like a simple task; however, with modern car keys, that is not the case. Modern car keys are not like house keys; you can't just take them down to your local grocery store and use the machine there to make an extra copy of the car key. That is why you need to know what type of cars your business fleet has, and where you can get extra copies made when necessary

#1 Non-Transponder Car Keys

Non-transponder car keys are basically your old-school basic car key. These are simple metal car keys, which you can easily copy at a hardware store or using one of those duplicate key scanners. Non-transponder car keys have largely fallen out of fashion, but if you are driving a car that was made before the 2000s, it more than likely comes with a basic metal key.

#2 Transponder Car Key

A basic transponder car key, or chip car key, started to come with vehicles in the late 1990s and early 2000s. These keys are basic metal keys, with a plastic cover over the top of the key. The black plastic cover at the top of the key is where the electric chip is stored for the car. The chip has electronic information that is transmitted to the computer inside of your car when you put the key into your vehicle. Although the key may look simpler, one must have special equipment in order to cut and program a transponder car key. To get this type of car key copied, you must find a locksmith that has the equipment to make these types of keys or go to the dealership.

#3 Laser-Cut Key

Laser-cut keys look really similar to transponder car keys in appearance. Laser-cut keys started out as a key for luxury vehicles and have slowly made their way down to more regular car brands.

What makes a laser-cut key different than a transponder key is the way the key is shaped. The key is shaped using a very special laser; regular key-cutting equipment must be used. So in addition to special equipment to code the chip inside of the key, special equipment also has to be used to cut the key itself. Specialty locksmiths and dealerships are the only places where you can get a laser-cut key made.

If your car was produced in the 2000s, you will need to go to a locksmith if you want to make a copy of your car key. Keep in mind that the cost of copying transponder and laser-cut keys will be more expensive than your standard metal key. Find a commercial locksmith to work with to produce copies of the keys for your vehicle fleet. You may also want to have a relationship with a locksmith business to help with the occasional lockout that will occur with your commercial vehicle fleet.