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How Can A Commercial Locksmith Help You Secure Your Business?

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Most people only think of calling locksmiths when they need locks opened. A commercial locksmith, though, offers many services the average person never thinks of — services that may be highly beneficial to small and mid-sized businesses throughout your community. This is how a commercial locksmith can help you secure your business.

Replace Commercial Doors With More Secure Options

Too many of the doors on your business property may not be as secure as you believe them to be. Upgrading to fireproof doors, for instance, can help slow the spread of fire, should one break out on your property. A commercial locksmith can help with the installation and keying of these doors for your business spaces.

Replace or Rekey Locks When Employees Leave

Staffing changes can be difficult for any business. A commercial locksmith can help ensure the continued security of your business by rekeying or changing locks so that former employees cannot use older keys to access your facilities.

Installing Controlled-Access Entry Systems

Another way a commercial locksmith can help you secure your business is by controlling the points at which people access your property. This includes security gates, parking garages, and restricted areas of your building. More importantly, they can simply remove access from control keys when staffing changes are made. This means that former employees can no longer access these areas and your buildings and business are more secure.

Repair Worn or Damaged Locks

Damaged locks pose a risk for your business, including everything from people with bad intentions accessing your business after hours to failing to lock the building altogether so that anyone can walk right in at all hours of the day or night. Bringing in a commercial locksmith to repair damaged and worn locks can help you keep your business, your employees, and customer information safe from prying eyes.

Installing Security Cameras

Many modern commercial locksmiths have taken things a step further to make them more relevant in today's highly technical business climate. In addition to dealing with locks and access, they've also made great inroads to installing closed-circuit television cameras that allow you to see what's going on in your business even if you're out of the office.

It's time to stop thinking of the commercial locksmith as only someone who can fix locks. They are also someone who can provide greater security for your business. Contact a company like Bilco Safe & Lock, Inc. to learn more.