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Should You Replace Or Rekey The Locks In Your New Home?

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It's essential for new homeowners to change or upgrade the pre-installed security systems in their new home. When moving into a new residence, you can never be too sure about who has a spare key to the existing locks, and you want to ensure that your home is not vulnerable to burglars. While you might feel secure in your new neighborhood, it's advisable to consult a locksmith on better security.

You'll get to choose between rekeying or replacing the existing locks, and your choice will depend on your security needs and budget. These solutions are discussed below:

Replacing Locks

Replacing locks is the more complicated method of the two, as you'll be using an entirely different lock body. A locksmith will install new locksets on all the doors you want to have replaced.

Replacing locks gives new homeowners the freedom to design their security. You can even pick out locks that blend with the interior décor for additional appeal. Replacement is handy when you want all the locks in your new residence to work with one key, and you may also need to replace any locks with worn-out hardware.

Rekeying Locks

Rekeying locks is typically the easiest option for new homeowners or tenants. When rekeying a lock, an expert will simply change its working key to a different one. While this process may seem simple, it needs the trained hand of an experienced locksmith. They'll remove the pins and springs in the lock's cylinder and replace them with pins and springs that work with another key.

Rekeying works for new homeowners because you don't know who may have the keys to the existing locks. If the home is newly constructed, parties like the real estate agents and subcontractors may also have spare keys. 

Which Solution Is Ideal for Your New Home?

If you're content with the locks in your new residence but are worried about security, rekeying is the ideal option. Your locksmith will leave you with new keys and the peace of mind of knowing that older keys cannot work. 

Rekeying is also quick and easy, especially when done by a reliable locksmith, but many tools and a lot of labor will be needed to replace the locks in your new home. However, rekeying will give you a limited security boost. If you want to upgrade the home's security, your best bet will be replacing its locks.

Rekeying is often preferred because it's cheaper than replacement. During the latter, you'll have to foot the costs of the new locksets and labor. However, you'll end up with a better security system if you choose lock replacements.