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Why Hiring A Locksmith Is Important Before Moving Into Your New Home

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When you purchase a new home, you will get the keys from the property when you close on the deal. The keys that the real estate agent gives you may not be the only keys out there for the house, and while most sellers will not hold onto a key intentionally, a lost or misplaced key could give someone access to your new home. Having a locksmith come and rekey or replace the locks is a great way to ensure that your home is secure.

Rekeying Your Doors

When the locksmith you are working with arrives at your home, they will inspect the door locks for you to determine if they can be rekeyed. Often high-quality door locks have lock cylinders that a locksmith can remove from the rest of the lock, and they can reset the tumblers so the door will not unlock with the old keys.

The locksmith can make new custom keys to go with the locks to ensure that the only one with keys to your home is you and your family. If the locks can be rekeyed, the locksmith may be able to set all the locks to the same key, so you only need to carry one key and can still get into the house quickly. 

The keys can be made on-site so that when the work is complete, you will have the same locks but with new keys on the same day. Rekeying the locks can often be less expensive than replacing all the locks in the home and is often faster. 

Replacing Your Locks

If the locks in your home do not offer the options for rekeying, the locksmith may have to change them for you. Like rekeying, this provides an opportunity to get all the locks the same, so you only need to carry one key, making things simpler for everyone that needs one. 

Another alternative is to replace the lock with keyless locks that use a push button code or work with an app on your smartphone. Both systems can be tailored to your needs, and some offer the ability to track entry through personalized codes for each family member. 

For parents working and having kids coming home from school to an empty house, tracking when they arrive and that they have entered the home can be a significant benefit. This also allows you to create a code for emergency responders should you be injured and unable to open the door when an ambulance arrives. 

Talk with the locksmith that is doing the work for you about your options, and they can go over the available locks and systems with you to ensure your home is secure and the locks work for your needs.